Leather shoes – 7367

Women's sneakers in soft patent leather with a zipper and shoelaces, removable insole and flexible sole. Hand-stitched manufacturing process.

Styles available

  • Total Support
    Sole Total Support
  • Flexible
    Sole Flexible
  • Anti-slip Tip
    Sole Anti-slip Tip
  • Large
    Fit Large
  • Leather
    Lining Leather
  • Extractable
    Insole Extractable
  • Sani Pur
    Insole Sani Pur
  • Double
    Insole Double
  • Leather
    Upper Leather
  • Hand Stitching
    Manufacturing Hand Stitching

The everyday sneaker.

These sneakers with zipper are practical and comfortable, they are predominantly white and the colours add a fashion detail.