Just the essentials… for you!

A casual look for summer? Consisting of just a few carefully chosen garments and accessories, it will enhance your entire persona! Such as a short denim jumpsuit combined with super-comfortable platform sandals, for an extra boost.

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The comfort range

Sensitive and exhausted feet deserve proper footwear. The elements that make up Stiledivita footwear, from the insole to the sole, are Xed and designed for the well-being of women of all ages.

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Limited editions

A lightweight blouse tied at the waist, a wide skirt and an open-toe low sandal: with a look that nods to the 50s, summer becomes carefree chic!

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What color will your summer be?

Forest green? Ocean blue? Sandy yellow? Cherry red? The important thing is to match with the right sandal! Choose your style from the new Stiledivita collection.

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Destination: well-being!

No more study, work, daily chores: let the holiday begin! Enjoy every moment in comfort, choose a Stiledivita sandal. Zero stress, 100% comfort.

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Careful selection of materials

The selection of materials is paramount for the success of our footwear, in terms of quality. We look for softness and safety above all else, we evaluate colours according to current trends, we study the adaptability of the leather to the technical specifications of the individual model. For shoes that are beautiful to look at, touch and wear.

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The way we work

The way we work

Our company was born from a tradition of highly skilled shoemakers.
The "continuous search for comfort" is the concept on which the entire Stiledivita production is based.

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The way we work