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Can a pair of shoes bring you joy and freshness? If it's a Stiledivita celestial zebra style… definitely yes! Lots of color, irresistible patterns and the usual comfort: the sneakers of the spring-summer collection are yet to be discovered.

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If it rained sandals in the summer…

... and they are comfortable, stylish and colourful, you just have to catch them on the fly! Classic or casual, minimal or sophisticated, the summer designs solve all style dilemmas under the sun.

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The queen of street-style

The Stiledivita footwear complete the impeccable looks for the frantic city life. Soft leather, an anatomical insole, and a light sole will put you in great comfort while you go off discovering new destinations.

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A shipment has just arrived and loaded with…

Latest News! The Stiledivita Spring / Summer collection has arrived and is claiming its place in the sun. High quality material, excellent craftsmanship, trendy designs, always up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and solely concerned with the well-being of our customers' feet.

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Room for Imagination!

Polka dots, animal prints, camouflage, or a white canvas to let the imagination go wild: the Stiledivita sneakers prints all have an interesting story! What is yours?

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Collezione dinamico
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Utmost Care in Raw Material Xion

The choice of raw material is of fundamental importance for us to achieve a certain standard of quality that we look for in our shoes. We seek softness and safety first and foremost. We then evaluate the colors according to current trends, and finally we study the adaptability of the Xed leather to the technical specifications of each of our shoe designs. The end result of all this process is beautiful shoes to look at, to touch, and a pleasure to wear.

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The way we work

The way we work

Our company was born from a tradition of highly skilled shoemakers.
The "continuous search for comfort" is the concept on which the entire Stiledivita production is based.

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The way we work