The way we work

Our shoes are born from a tradition of highly skilled shoemakers.

The "continuous search for comfort" is the concept on which the entire Stiledivita production is based.

Our shoes are composed of an insole or anatomic insole (to accommodate the natural shape of the foot), along with an anti-shock and anti-slip soles.
Our footwear artisans use their best manufacturing techniques throughout the various stages of production: from the selection of raw materials, to the careful and intricate choice of the different parts of the footwear (insole, sole, wedge, etc.).


How is the shoe created?

It is a long and laborious process, the result of the artisans' in-depth knowledge accumulated over the years.

Our shoes were created to satisfy answer our customers' and the market's requests, in order to best meet their needs.

We start by examining the last (shape of the shoe) and the sole, and then we search for the materials that most suit the technical specifications of the shoe itself.

Once we have the first prototype, we proceed to select the colors and accessories. Then we subject each prototype to an internal evaluation by our staff with some external collaborators as well, until we reach a final prototype that is suitable for production and sale. 

Come nasce la calzatura?